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Skyflo is the wireless liquor control technology that “changes everything” in the world of Beverage Portion Control. The Skyflo system features small and inconspicuous spouts that all but eliminate any consumer’s negative image of the “electronic drink.” The Skyflo system is fast, accurate, and provides the accountability that leads to dramatic increases in profitability. Skyflo is the first wireless dispenses solution designed to give the user the most complete and economical answer to the problem of stock loss from over-pouring, giveaways & shrinkage. Without sacrifice to the bar layout or customer experience, a truly lo-cost and scalable solution for all bars.

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The Wireless System

Unique Wireless Features

4 programmable portions per spout

Automatic defaults back to main pour or house pour eliminating mistakes caused by a bartender forgetting to reset spout

"Last Pour Memory" if a requested portion is not completed; the spout will know to finish the pour from the next bottle

Thousands of pours between battery charges; and battery can be re-charged while in use

AAC feature assures exact pours from any pour angle

Ability to set "speed" between consecutive pours there is no need to bring bottle upright between pours

1,000 foot plus range from spouts to Skyflo Control Unit. If the bottle pours out of range; it stores the pour information and sends it when it gets back in range

Printer, POS or PC connectivity. Reports are complete and very user friendly

Printable battery status report for each spout

All reports are "time & date stamped" providing the ultimate in security and control


Active Angle Compensation

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