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Bar Controls of North America is pleased to be a distributor of Tap Liquor Control Systems. We offer several products which include Skyflo, Touch & Pour, Beer Control, Gun Systems and Logo Tap. Each system has a unique way of controlling your liquor and beer by using the best technology available today. We know that keeping a tight control over costs is fundamental to the success of your bottom line.

The most effective way of controlling beverage costs is technology focused on portion control. Portion Control is so important and paramount for success in this industry. Being able to get 100% yield from a product and eliminating excessive loss is the goal and with our control systems in place, we can achieve these goals. You will now have consistent drinks being poured by your bartenders eliminating over pouring, spillage and free drinks!

Bar Controls of North America is not going to tell you how to run your business, but we can control your liquor and beer costs.


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